Схема монтажа eff-eff

схема монтажа eff-eff
Mount objects so that they are not tripping hazards. Tactile experiences are essential to people with visual impairments and greatly assist many people with cognitive disabilities. The Petrobras scandal would read as pure tragedy were it not filled with a cast of Hollywood-ready characters and their lavish props.

People with low vision often must be within 75 mm (3 in.) of a label to read it. Invite people with disabilities to speak for themselves in exhibitions. Mount directional signage at no higher than 1219 mm (48 in.) above the floor.

Design well-lighted spaces with limited imagery and few objects in several places within an exhibition. A lack of solid background in exhibit spaces forces people reading sign language to sort sign movements out of busy surroundings. This is yet another way in which the Fifth Circuit’s approach deviates from Supreme Court precedent. We should be especially suspicious of the Fifth Circuit’s approach given that courts already consider cumulative effects in other areas of constitutional law. Текущая версия страницы пока не проверялась опытными участниками и может значительно отличаться от версии, проверенной 18 октября 2016; проверки требуют 3 правки. МОП-структура — полупроводниковая структура, применяемая при производстве микросхем и дискретных полевых транзисторов. Eliminate reflection and glare for those who are seated or short as well as for those who are standing. Provide a circulation route that is at least 1118 mm (44 in.) wide for travel in a single direction. The problem worsens if the object’s color does not contrast with the floor or if the lighting is poor.

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